YouTube not working Problem

By YouTube   Last Update: Thursday, 23 September

Troubleshoot YouTube not working Problem

Therefore, this article explains the process of how you can Troubleshoot YouTube not working Problem in simplified steps.

YouTube is one the leading and largest video-sharing platforms in the world with a huge audience and support for lengthy lists of devices. However, despite its vast popularity, users may face some issues in accessing YouTube sometimes. So, if you are having trouble accessing YouTube and watching videos, and others! Or if your YouTube is not working on your desktop or device! Then there you should not worry. Therefore, here is a mention why YouTube Not Working? Here Is How to Fix It.

Why is YouTube Not Working?

Well, many reasons could be possible behind this issue. Sometimes maybe YouTube is down, Cache, Cookies, and Data issue, maybe your web browser and YouTube app are not updated, maybe your Proxy Settings is not correct, maybe their outdated graphics driver issue, Internet Connection issue, and other many reasons.

How to Fix It?

The most common solutions are given below will help to Troubleshoot YouTube not easily working Problem.

Solution 1: Restart your Device

When YouTube does not work on your device, then you should simply “press & hold the “Power” button on your smartphone or Android device, and then tap on the “Restart” option which looks on the screen. Then try playing a YouTube video after the device turns ON back, and check if the issue has been resolved.

Solution 2: Verify Internet Connection

If you find YouTube not working Problem on Android, then it might be caused due to loss of Internet Connection issue. Then you should verify that your Internet connection is properly working on your device or not. Also, check Wi-Fi or cellular network on your device. Then open the YouTube again and then play any video.

Solution 3: Clear Cache on Your Phone

Try to clear the cache files on your phone. Deleting cache files will delete the temporary data saved on your phone and this can fix your problem.

On your device, open the settings app, then select the apps and notification section, then storage cache section, and then clear the data section. Also, hit on the clear button and your cache files and data will be removed.

Solution 4: Check Your Phone’s Time and Date

When YouTube not working Problem on iPhone, then you should also check if your date and time are properly set or not on your device. Ensure the date and time settings have several effects on the apps you are using, including YouTube.

On your iPhone, go to the Settings section, and then tap on the date and time option. Then go to the automatic date and the time option and turn on it.

Solution 5: Update Your YouTube App

Another main thing you can do is to try to update YouTube from your Google Play store, which will take only a couple of minutes which can solve the issue.

Hence, hope the above-mentioned solutions will help to Troubleshoot YouTube not working Problem on an Android device or iPhone, or a PC.

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