How to Troubleshoot Yahoo not working Problem?

By Yahoo   Last Update: Tuesday, 28 September

8 Ways to deal with Yahoo! if it is not working

Yahoo is one of the user-friendly mails and used worldwide. Sometimes it creates issues and not working properly or appropriately. Here will elaborate on some issues related to this and troubleshoot. When anyone finds any difficulty with yahoo before try to do anything that makes sure that the device you use may have connected with the working internet. Internet connectivity is one of the reasons behind the Yahoo! account not working. Before you use any browser make sure that the browser you are connecting is compatible with the service provider. In general, we use Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge, etc. are very compatible with yahoo.

  • Check the compatibility of Yahoo!
  • Clear your web browser's cache
  • Update your web browser
  • Restart your computer and internet connection
  • Reset your browser to default settings
  • Disable all your web browser enhancements
  • Check JavaScript is enabled
  • Disable antivirus, antispyware, and firewall products temporarily

How to Troubleshoot Yahoo account not working on Android and iPhone

Clearing your internet browser's cache file regularly may fix Yahoo! mail not working on Android. When any user gets a problem related to this, he/she will the failure to send a mail then check the sender’s email address is correct or not or by mistakenly you didn’t put the receiver email to blacklists. If anyone tries to log in to his/her account with a new mobile or a new computer for log-in they can get the message of log-in error. With the use of a new device for log-in the service provider may ask some security questions if the user can give the answers properly, they can log-in successfully, if not the account will be locked for 12 hours. Therefore, the Fix Yahoo! account not working on iPhone will happen after completion of 12 hours.

If anyone has doubt that the email has been sent or not; after sending the mail always check it in “sent items” and get confirmation. If the sent mail is not shown on the sent folder check it on the draft, it is being stored in the draft folder; then one needs to check the email address of the recipient and check his/her mail-in the block list. Lastly, if the mail sent from you, ask the recipient, he/she may search in the spam folder or filters or Block address list for the mail.

If anyone getting a fear about his/her account is being hacked by anyone, then immediately they can reset their password by following some steps.

  1. First of all, they need to click the button “forget password”.
  2. The service provider will redirect to the next page where the browser will show some options to sign in via “Google account” or via email or text massage.
  3. If you select “Google Account” the service provider will send a link for reset password. Secondly, if you select via “Phone Number” the company will send a verification code to reset the password. By this one can change his/her password.
  4. If anyone failed to log in to their Yahoo account, as per Yahoo! Troubleshooting rules, he/she can reboot their device which is being used for log-in in to their account.
  5. If you are unable to make your account login, you may resolve the issue by temporarily disable to their antivirus which is being used by them to protect their device. By the above-discussed process one can troubleshoot yahoo not working Problem

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