Spotify Account Password Reset Not Working

By SPOTIFY   Last Update: Tuesday, 4 May
SPOTIFY Account Password Recovery Not Working

Spotify is among the best music streaming platform with more than 30 million tracks and music. It was downloaded a lot when it came out and it is available in more than seventy countries around the globe. In fact, it offers its users a wide variety of high-quality music and tracks but sometimes the user forgets the Spotify password and they have no idea about the recovery procedure of Spotify password reset. Worry not, this article will guide you about the recovery process of Spotify account

Spotify password reset process:

Spotify account reset process illustrated below, users just need to follow all the steps carefully and this will definitely help you in recovering your account.

  1. First of all, go to the website of Spotify account with the help of web-browser
  2. Enter your Spotify username or email address, which is associated with your Spotify account. Click on the send option.
  3. After that, an email will be sent to the email address associated with your Spotify.
  4. Open the message sent by Spotify.
  5. You get a link on your email. Click on the link.
  6. You will get the ’Reset password’ page with the help of that link.
  7. Create your new password and re-enter the password. Click on send.
  8. Congratulation, now your password has been recovered.
  9. Login your Spotify account with the new password.

How to change the password of Spotify account

Users must change the password on time to time and the password should be strong in the alphanumeric form to make your account secure and safe from hackers. Here is the process given through which users can apply to change Spotify account password.

  1. First, go to the web page of the Spotify account through URL.
  2. When the Spotify account page is open, you can see the login option in the upper right corner. Click on login.
  3. Enter your email address or username and password.
  4. Click on your username which you will find on the lower left part of the window.
  5. Click on the menu bar while scrolling down, you will find the change password option. Click on that option.
  6. You will see three options in your change password screen i.e. current password, new password, and re-new password. Enter the current password in the top field, create the new password in the middle field and re-enter the new password in the last field. Click on the set password option.
  7. Congratulation, you have successfully changed your Spotify account password. Re-login to your account and enjoy your favorite songs again.


The above steps will surely help you to change Spotify account password along with Spotify password reset. Feel free to connect if you know other password recovery options, we will update it here.

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