Gmail Account Password Recovery Not Working

By GMAIL   Last Update: Tuesday, 4 May
GMAIL Account Password Recovery Not Working

Gmail is a free internet-based email service created and hosted by Google. Google has made various advanced changes in Gmail for its users to make it more accessible and reliable. Gmail’s latest updates have left their competitor email providers behind in the market since it has increased its mail storage up to 15 GB. You don’t have to search for a backdated email one by one but you can search any mail by only filling its name under the search area. 

On the basis of these silent features, Gmail has millions of users. A single user has more than 2-3 accounts, that's why it's normal to forget the account password. In today’s scenario, most of the people face problems like they are not able to recover their Gmail account which has important data. Moreover, they think it is not possible to recover Gmail account password if they have lost or forgotten the email address or account password of their account.

But no need to worry, Gmail account password recovery is not that hard. Google provides different ways through which you can get access to your account easily and for that, you just need to follow the steps below:

So to overcome this problem you have to follow some steps to recover Google account password:

  1. Forgot Gmail account password
  • If you forget your Gmail password. Firstly; go to the Google account recovery page and you will find forgot password there, click on it.
  • Secondly, for account security, Google will ask you some basic security questions to check whether this account belongs to you or not and you need to answer as many questions as best you can.
  • Then, reset your password page will have prompted on your screen. Reset your account password there and try to make a strong password (which you can remember) so that no one is able to hack or guess it

NOTE: Try to use a mix of upper case, lower case, numbers and special character in your password and never use your email address or phone number or your date of birth as your password as it is quite easy to guess.

  1. Forgot the Email Address that you use to sign in
    • If you forget your email address associated with your Gmail account, then you first need to click on forget my Gmail address link which will redirect you to the other page.
    • Secondly, you will have the option to either enter your phone number or recovery email address for your account.
    • Next, you need to write the full name of your account.
    • Now, you need to follow the on-screen instructions that are coming on your screen to confirm that this account belongs to you.
    • Then you see a list of matching usernames.
    • Select your username from that given list.
    • And finally, try to sign in by using your correct Gmail email address and password that you have recovered.
  2. Recover your Gmail Account using security questions
  • At first, open any of your favorite browser, type Gmail sign-in.
  • Type your correct email address there.
  • Gmail will recognize your account immediately, now you need to click on the Forget your password link. 
  • The account backup system setup will begin.
  • If you chose to recover your Gmail account password using a security question, then you have to answer all the on-screen questions correctly.
  • Once you answered the question, Google will recognize this account belongs to you and you will get access of your account again.

Note- If you failed to answer them correctly, try other available methods.

  1. Recover Your Gmail Account by Phone Number or Secondary Mail
  • You need to follow the initial steps given above.
  • Similarly, you will see the “Try a different way” link there click on it.
  • Gmail will send you 6 numerical digit codes along with a password recovery link to your secondary email, which you have added at the time of creating the Gmail account.
  • Type that unique code and verify it.
  • After that Reset your password by creating a new and strong one, and finally, confirm it.

Note- If you couldn't add the secondary email earlier, you can receive that 6 digits’ numeric code by entering your active phone number.


By following the above steps or using either given options, you will easily recover your password within a few minutes. You may have realized that how google has made Gmail Account Password Recovery so easy for its users. Do not forget to secure your Gmail account after you have accessed it.

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