Norton VPN Not Working

By Admin   Last Update: Sunday, 13 February, 2022

Norton VPN has become a top setting brand that gives excellent protecting phenomena of your online activities and privacy and it is very used on PC, Android, IOS, and Mac. But in a situation, it doesn't work so if your Norton VPN not working. So not to worry, just find the solutions via the below-presented steps.

How to Fix Norton VPN Not Working?

Solution 1 Update Your Windows:

If your windows are not updated so there might be facing some issues with your computer software. For this reason, Norton VPN not working due to proper updating of the window. So, just see the below-given steps for how to update windows.

  • Go to your computer and type window update setting.
  • Click on windows update and tap on Windows update.
  • After completion of the update, just restart your computer.
  • Now, run the Norton VPN and it will work fluently.

Solution 2: Again, Reinstall Norton VPN:

Sometimes, the old version of Norton VPN doesn't respond so you have to use the updated or current version of Norton VPN, so just uninstall your Norton VPN and then re-install via the below-given steps:

Steps to uninstall the Norton Secure VPN:

  • Go to your computer and click the control panel.
  • Choose the program and features option.
  • Locate the Norton Secure VPN in the Program list.
  • Click on the Uninstall button.

Therefore, after uninstallation, users should visit the official website of Norton and find the Norton secure VPN and install it and run on your computer but after installation, if Norton VPN not working so go with the below-given solution.

Solution 3: Check the Windows Firewall Configuration:

Norton Secure VPN is depending on Windows firewall because Windows got the security by Firewall so users have to check the allow app of Firewall, just see the method for checking:

  • Just type Allow an app through the firewall on the start menu and press the enter button.
  • Tap on the change setting option under the app.
  • choose another program option.
  • Search the Norton VPN and hit OK.

Solution 4: Check your internet connection:

This is the primary reason when Norton VPN not working due to the proper internet connection. So, check the speed of your internet and connectivity.  There are lots of websites are available where you can check your internet speed because Norton VPN has made through complex and critical coding via top developer so you need to run it with good internet connectivity.

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