Napster Account Password Reset Not Working

By NAPSTER   Last Update: Tuesday, 4 May
NAPSTER Account Password Recovery Not Working

Napster – is a set of three music fascinated. It initially evolved peer-to-peer file sharing internet software, it laid emphasis in sharing audio files which basically comprises of audio songs. Its operating system was  Cross-platform and its official website is, for security concerns one can keep it password protected

How do I reset Napster password- there can be a couple of reasons why one wants to change the password as it is also advisable to keep changing the password on the regular basis for the security and other reason can be that one must have forgotten the password

How to reset the password if one knows the current password-

  • An individual will be required to be on the page
  • In the required field, please enter the username and the password and hit on edit on the same page
  • In the given field one will be required to enter the current password and then the new password and re-enter the same
  • Now one will be required to use the account with the new password
  • How to reset the password if one has forgotten the password –
  • One has to be on the
  • In the field enter the email address and hit on Summit
  • You will receive the email with the new password
  • After putting the temporary password, you will be required to enter the new password and reenter the same
  • Now one will be able to use the account with the new password

NOTE: If one is facing some concern with the new password in the email

  • You are required to enter the password by typing it and you are not required to copy and paste the same even if you are copying and pasting the same make sure you are not trying to copying the extra spaces
  • One can look for the option of rebooting the system and again summiting the request for the temporary password

In case if one is still facing some concern, can take help from the technical department

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