Microsoft Live Mail not working

By Microsoft   Last Update: Tuesday, 28 September

How To Troubleshoot Microsoft Live Mail Not Working Problem

Microsoft Mail (or MSMail/MSM) was the name given to a few early Microsoft email items for neighborhood, essentially two designs: one for Macintosh organizations, and one for PC engineering based LANs. All were at last supplanted by the Exchange and Outlook product offerings. The second Microsoft Mail item, Microsoft Mail for PC Networks v2.1, was presented in 1991. It depended on Network Courier, a LAN email framework delivered by Consumers Software of Vancouver BC, which Microsoft had bought. Following the underlying 1991 rebranding discharge, Microsoft gave its first significant update as Version 3.0 in 1992. This variant incorporated Microsoft's first Global Address Book innovation and first arranged planning application, Microsoft Schedule. Microsoft positioned No. 21 in the 2020 Fortune 500 rankings of the biggest United States partnerships by all out income; it was the world's biggest programming creator by income starting at 2016. It is viewed as one of the Big Five organizations in the U.S. data innovation industry, alongside Google, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook

Microsoft Live Mail not working Problem

  • Firstlly open your Microsoft Live Mail enter your username and password if they do not open your mail they try to open your account in alternate browser.
  • Now you do one thing check Window firewall and third-party firewall to avoid being blocked.
  • Then delete your current window Live Mail Account , and create new one.

How to Troubleshoot Microsoft Live Mail not working

1.Firstlly Run the Windows Live Mail as Admin and in a similarity mode.

2.Then Check Windows Firewall and third firewall.

3.Now do one thing removed your current account and create your new Mail Account.

4.Now reinstall window, disable your antivirus.

Microsoft Live Mail not working on Android

1.Firstly open your mail in Android phone if they do not updating your mail, then checked your internet connection .

2.If there is everything right then try again to update your mail if there is show same issue then reinstall your Microsoft Live Mail app.

3.Their is one more reason they do not update your mail, sometime your app is required clearing the app cache and resetting your device.

4.If you found same issue then you connect our customer executive they give you some suggestion and solved your all issue very quickly.

Microsoft Live Mail not working on iphone

1.Firstly you go Microsoft Live Mail account, Then click setting option and enter your id and password.

2.Now click Microsoft Live Mail Account and delete your current account and recreate your new account.

3.Then enter your Id and password and login again.

4.Now tap Mail icon iPhone home screen to get to your Windows Live email account. You would now be able to send and get email utilizing your Windows Live email account on your iPhone.

5.If you any issue you our freely to connect out customer care executive they solved your all issue very quickly.

If you need any help you just connected with the Microsoft technical support team who are a team of dedicated professionals selected from worldwide and design to resolve your every query Asap .You also connect our customer executive through a video call and email option. And our executive give you very good information and they solved your all issue very quickly.

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