How to Fix Google WiFi Router not working

By Admin   Last Update: Wednesday, 27 October

Fixing your Google Wifi network

There are various things that can mess up the network for your Google Wifi gadgets. In the event that your Google Wifi network isn't working, your Wi-Fi gadgets will not have the option to connect or arrive at the web.

Follow these investigating steps to fix:

  • Google Wifi router or point or Google Wifi point shows disconnected in network test.
  • Ensure your modem and Wifi switch and point(s) are connected and that all links are secure.
  • Ensure your modem is associated with a web source. 

Can't associate with the internet

  1. Turn your modem and Wifi gadgets off and again try to fix association issues with your network.
  2. To restart your gadgets.
  3. Disconnect power from all of your network gadgets, including your modem and any Google Wifi gadgets.
  4. Delay until all of the LED lights on the gadgets you turned off. This will affirm that the gadgets presently don't have power.
  5. Reconnect capacity to your modem as it was.
  6. Delay until your modem is completely connected on and all of its marker lights are back on. This normally requires around 2 minutes.
  7. Ensure all other links are as yet secure.
  8. Reconnect capacity to your Google Wifi switch or essential Google Wifi point and delay until it's completely on. This requires around 1 minute Reconnect capacity to any extra focuses or switches.
  9. Close and once again open the Google Home application.
  10. You can cross test to affirm your gadgets are working appropriately.
  11. Light shows a network mistake.

Other network issues

  • On the off chance that you've as of late made changes to your network settings and presently you can't get on the web.
  • You might have to change the WAN settings in the Google Home application:
  • On the off chance that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) requires an unexpected convention in comparison to DHCP like PPPoE or utilizes Static IPs.
  • On the off chance that a solitary Wi-Fi gadget like a telephone or PC is disengaged from your Google Wifi or Google Wifi, yet your organization is generally working, following the means in which the gadget can't interface with Google Wifi network.
  • If still the problem persists you can contact your network service provider.
  • This might be possible if you have to reset your network (WiFi) device.

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