Epson Printer Not Working

By Epson Printer   Last Update: Thursday, 6 January

Epson printer not working properly? 

When you have an urgent work to do and find out that your printer is not working and on that you are not able to understand the troubleshooting problem. It's annoying and frustrating at the same time..

Well you are in the right place to fix solutions to all your problems. Most of them can be solved by you.

First of all you can start by checking any error messages on the printer's display.

If not you can start by resolving your issue by following these steps-

Step1. If it’s a wireless printer you can start by checking your network. Printer should be connected to the same network to which your device is connected.

Step2. You can refresh your printer by re connecting your printer to your desired network. You should also make sure that your network is working properly.

Step3. And for a USB connected printer, you should make sure the wires are placed properly.

Step4. Make sure in printing settings your printer is your default printer. For this you can go to your device’s start menu then click on settings choose devices then go to the printer and scanner option. There select your epson printer and set the manage icon to default.

Step5. Clean print head for windows os, first keep the blank sheet in the printing tray now open control panel click on device and printers, right click on epson printer and choose printing preference. Go on to the maintenance tab and click on head cleaning and now click on start and follow the instructions.

Step6. Clean print head for Mac OS, likewise windows os you have to place the plain sheet on the printing tray then go to apple menu and go to system preferences in this click on printer and scanner now choose your printer and click on options and supplies, in this click on utility tab and choose open printer utility , now click on the head cleaning .

Step7. Next you should be aware of your ink usage and cartridge replacement time . Some times cartridges can get dry ifs old or the printer is not in work for a long time and you can even check the ink status as well, also make sure whether the cartridges are placed correctly in its tray or not.

Step8. You can even clear up the print jobs by deleting all the files in the folder Press window Key And R Key Simultaneously on key pad. Type The Services.msc In The give bar. Find The Printer Spooler.Right-Click On Print Spooler And Click On Stop. Now on desktop open file explorer and type the address in the address bar %Windir%\System32\Spool\PRINTERS. In this delete all the files, now go back to the print spooler, right click on the printer spooler and click on start . 

This list would be found helpful in resolving all not working problem of epson printer. 

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