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By Admin   Last Update: Thursday, 30 July, 2020

Google Plus Not Working


Google Plus is a social networking service which allows to connect peoples with others and share their information on the web. Parallel, it’s significant to understand that with any social networking sites or services, you protect your privacy, and be cautious of what you share and with whom. In this post, you will learn the important thing that how you can fix Google plus not working problem to enjoy this social media.

However, Google+ knows that controlling your privacy is so crucial, so Google Plus was created with numerous privacy controls which guide in a way, like who can find you, or tag you in photos, and plenty of other options. Also, you decide the privacy level like when or what you share it. Similarly, you can change the default setting and choose those options, who’s you want to share with a particular person, or everyone on the Web or what you do not want to share.

Simple Steps to Fix Google Plus Not Working Problem:

Therefore, walk through the steps below to fix Google Plus down or not working error.

  • First, go to your main Google plus page and hit on the “Profile” button, and then “Edit Profile”.
  • Then A box appears with some options, so hit one of the lists on the left “In Your Name ‘s circles” or “Have Your Name in the circles.” Here you can impose like who can look at your circles and which lists will be noticeable to others on your profile.
  • Next, hit on the down arrow next to “All Circles”, and then hit circles which you don not desire noticeable to those who visit your profile, producing the checkmark to disappear. Also, hit on the drop-down box outside to close it.
  • Now tap on the radio button nearly “Your Circles”. So if you need only those who are already in your circles to see your other circles.
  • Next, if you do not need anyone to see the list of persons you have circled. Then you need to instant uncheck the box “Show People Inbox”.
  • Finally, you have to tap on the “Save” button to save completely your all changes.
  • You are done now.


In this way, you can easily fix Google plus not working problem with the above mentioned secure steps. Thus, in case, if you get rid of something you want or change, then you can always permit it again future. Also, change the privacy setting.

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