Google Maps not working Problem

By Google Maps   Last Update: Monday, 27 September

Google Maps does not work

Google map is a free online mapping application provided by Google. Google Map is a really useful tool for people. You can use this application on your mobile device, computer or tablet and get the information, step by step instructions, find information about local businesses. It uses machine learning in combination with data sources such as location data, local government data, historical traffic patterns and also provides street view, real-time user feedback, to predict traffic. This application was being used by more than one billion users every month around the world.

1.Google map is not working properly: If it fails or does not show routes, but there may be times when it may fail and you will be gum with no route to your destination. In most cases, this is a software-related problem. You can use some ways that Google Maps does not work on your mobile. You can follow the ways found below:

2.Reset Google Play services: The other way around, if clearing cache and data didn't work. You can try to reset Google Play services, these services work in the background all the time to keep your apps and Google services together. If the app service is not working properly, it could be the cause of the Maps app problem. You can reset it to fix Google Maps not working problem.

3.Update Google Map App: As Google keeps rolling out software updates from time to time for all their apps to add new features or fix some bugs and also update from time to time and it would be nice to keep your app up to date. . You can go to the Play Store and search for the application or update it to the Google Map application.

4.Check your devices location services: Google Maps not working on iPhone? Do not worry! You need to check if Google Map has access to your devices location and also check if your device's service location is enabled or not. It also notifies you when your location is not enabled. If you see enable the location of your device from fast, go to the settings and set it to "Allow all the time". Then reopen the Map and try navigating.

5.Recalibrate the compass: Calibrating the Maps compass is very important to see your way. Maps need your exact current location to show a perfect direction with the help of a compass. You can manually calibrate the compass on the map by following these steps:

  • Open the application on your mobile and touch the blue button that shows your current exact location.
  • You will see options to calibrate the compass on your screen.
  • You can touch this option and follow the instructions displayed on the screen to recalibrate the compass.

6. Enable High Location Accuracy: You must also enable High Location Accuracy mode on your Android phone. If you are faced with Google Maps not working on Android, you can let the maps know your location more accurately. You can go to settings on your phone and see location accuracy and improve location accuracy. Now check again that your maps work correctly.

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