Google Account Password Recovery Not Working

By GOOGLE   Last Update: Tuesday, 4 May
GOOGLE Account Password Recovery Not Working

Google is an American Multinational Technology company and in today’s time, it has made life much easier with the help of products as online advertising, search engine, cloud computing. It is count among the top four technology companies alongside Amazon, Apple, and Facebook. Google has its headquarter locate at Mount view California, US and as we all know that it is technology hence it has its own advantages and disadvantages so in order to make it more secure it is password protected.

The dimensions of Google account recovery have been discussed in this post. Google is not only providing the best email sending and receiving experience, but also ensuring the best customer service to help the users in regaining access to their lost accounts. You will get to know Google account recovery for deleted accounts, accounts with a lost password, and accounts with a lost username. Google doesn’t allow the users to recover their accounts that are deleted a long time ago, but it gives you an option to recover the account if you have unwillingly deleted your Google account a couple of minutes back. You will be able to enjoy services like Gmail, Google Play, YouTube, etc. after you have done with Google account recovery. Here is how to recover a Gmail account which is deleted very recently.

How to recover a deleted Google account?

  • Open your preferred web browser
  • Google will insist you to prove your account ownership
  • You will have to do that in the way Google asks you
  • If you are insisted to do that, you are suggested to answer the questions as correct as you can do
  • Google will check the accuracy of the answers you have provided

How to recover Google password?

Password is encrypted in order to make it secure, it is always advisable to keep a password which is not easy to guess and one should keep changing the password from time to time and in case if you have forgotten the password, one can initiate the Google password recovery through the steps mentioned below:

  • One will be required to go on the Google page
  • On the page look for the option and hit on forgot the password, one will be asked to enter the password which they probably think that it can be or if they cannot remember then click on the option try a different question
  • Now, the other option will be to recover the password through sending the code on the recovery email or on the phone number with the help of this one will be getting the 6-digit code on the alternate email mentioned or the phone number while setting up the account,
  • Once you have received the code enter the same on the recovery page in the required field and one will now get the option to change the password

How to recover Google account without password?

  • Open Google sign-in/Account recovery page
  • Here you will see the FORGOT PASSWORD link – click on it
  • Enter the last password you have remembered
  • Is your entered password incorrect? Move onto the next question
  • Click on Yes to verify your identity
  • A number will display on the computer – select it
  • It will bring the CREATE A NEW PASSWORD page on your computer
  • Try another way if you have not added your phone
  • A verification code will be received on your phone added to your Gmail account
  • It is needed to be entered to get the chance of creating a new password

How to recover Google account without username?

  • Open Google Chrome and launch the sign-in/Account recovery page
  • Find and click on the FORGOT EMAIL link
  • Now you will be insisted to enter the recovery phone number or email or associated with the account
  • Have you entered it? If yes, Google will ask you to enter the name you have registered while creating this account
  • Hence, a verification code will be sent to the provided email address/phone number
  • Enter the received code and click on Next
  • All the accounts associated with this email will appear along with the recovery information
  • Choose your account and type in the password to sign in

Once you have got the access back, Google will prompt to secure the account which can be done by the following means

  • It is advisable to add the phone number and the alternate email address
  • Although it is not advisable to jot down the password however the one which is using with the account it should be something which can relate to and at times can recall the same
  • The question which will be selected by you should not be random however it should be that the answers to those must be remembered


By taking the steps mentioned as above one will be able to recover the password how if one does not have an access to the recovery options they can also try to recover the account through security questions and one has to ensure that the answer to the questions are correct, which help them to analyze that it is you who is trying to make the changes once the identity is proved, you will be given the option to change the password and one will be able to access the account back

Yes, we do realize that if the Google account is not working then our life automatically comes to a halt so we will try our level best to get you the access of the Google account back by trying different Google account password recovery techniques which are mentioned in the above article.

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