Echo DOT Not Working

By Admin   Last Update: Thursday, 31 March, 2022

Echo Dot is one of the best voice recognition devices that works according to your voice. It is the most popular product on Amazon. Powered by Alexa, Echo Dot is making day-to-day life easier with its features like music streaming, radio stations, alarm, timers, calling, playing games, etc. Despite being one of the top-class products in its category, it sometimes faces issues that need your attention. When you encounter Echo DOT not working then you need to check your Echo Dot device if there is an issue with it.

How to Fix Echo DOT Not Working?

If you are also facing issues like Echo DOT not working, then follow the below steps and check if it works for you.

  1. Check if the Echo is muted
  • If Alexa doesn’t listen to you; check if your Echo is muted or in ON mode.
  • If it is muted, then just press the MIC button to turn off the mute mode.
  1. Restart Amazon Echo
  • Restart your Echo device to check if it starts working when switched on.
  • To restart, disconnect your Echo device from the power source.
  • Again plug in the power source after 30 seconds.
  • This will restart your Echo device.
  • Check now if your Echo device started working.
  1. Check the Wi-Fi connection
  • If the Echo’s light is showing purple, it means you are not connected to the internet. Thus you need to connect to an active internet connection.
  1. Hard Reset Echo Device
  • If you are still facing any issues with your Echo Dot, then you need to perform a hard reset of your device. This will make your device setting new.
  • Just press the reset button until the blue light changes to orange.
  • Then follow the steps in method 2. Just turn it off and again turn it on. This method most probably fixes the issue of Echo DOT not working.


There may be several reasons for your Echo Dot not working. So you need to know the process to fix it. You can get the solution from the above-mentioned steps. Sometimes you might face issues like Wi-Fi not connecting, unable to hear your voice, etc. Whatever be the reason for not working on your Alexa Echo Dot, you need to troubleshoot it immediately to use your device again.

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