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CenturyLink Internet Not Working

Centurylink Internet Not Working

CenturyLink is the third largest telecommunication company in America. With its headquarter in Monroe, CenturyLink offers internet service as well as telephonic services to various companies and businesses. Along with telephonic services and data services, CenturyLink also offers high-security email services. It is one of the leading high-speed internet providers in America. With millions of happy customers, there are few who face issues with the CenturyLink account. However, the issues can vary from user to user but the most commonly faced issue is CenturyLink not working. These types of issues can be fixed in minutes if you know the steps to fix it. You can also get in touch with the CenturyLink customer support team to get a resolution for your issues.

CenturyLink Internet Not Working | How to Fix

There may be situations when you face issues like your CenturyLink Internet not working which requires quick resolution as if CenturyLink is not working, you won’t be able to use the internet as well as email services. There could be a few reasons why your CenturyLink has stopped working and this issue can be fixed easily if you are technically skilled. Or you will have to get tech support by contacting the CenturyLink customer service team.

Common Issues with CenturyLink Internet

Many users face issues with their CenturyLink account. These issues can be complex if not handled properly. Thus you need to get quick support to fix these issues with your CenturyLink account. Here are the most common issues that users face:

  • CenturyLink Internet not working
  • CenturyLink email Password lost
  • CenturyLink Internet is slow
  • CenturyLink internet connected but no internet

How to fix CenturyLink Internet Not Working Issues?

Having an issue with your CenturyLink account can be frustrating. To fix the issues like CenturyLink Not Working, you need to follow a few steps. Alternatively, you can dial them to get instant tech support for fixing your issues.

Method 1 – Restart/ Reboot the Modem

  • Unplug the power cable of your modem.
  • Plug it again after 30 seconds.
  • Check if the issue is resolved or not.

Method 2 – Check the lights available on the modem

Once you have restarted the modem, check the lights are glowing on the modem.

  • Power Light should be green without blinking.
  • DSL Light should be green without blinking.
  • Internet Light must be green with a flashing signal.
  • Ethernet Light should be green with a flashing signal.
  • Wireless Light should be green with a flashing signal.

Method 3 – Restart your Computer or Mobile Device

If the above method does not work, then restart your computer or mobile phone through which you are connected with the CenturyLink internet.

  • Wait for 1 minute and then switch on your computer or mobile device.
  • Check whether the issue is resolved.

Method 4 – Get CenturyLink Internet Support through Phone Number

If none of the methods works for you, get in touch with the CenturyLink customer support team on its toll-free number to get instant and relevant resolution.

CenturyLink Customer Service Phone Number

Many users are not technically strong and need tech support in situations they face issues with their CenturyLink internet. Most of the users have a complaint about CenturyLink Internet Not Working which restricts them from accessing the entire services of CenturyLink. This issue can be fixed by following the above ways. But some users are unable to follow these steps and they require live support by dialing the toll-free customer support number. The support team is experienced and gives proper resolution instantly. You get rid of all your issues in minutes after getting in touch with the CenturyLink customer service team. So don’t hesitate in contacting them in case you have any issues with your CenturyLink account. Feel free to get in touch with them at any time on its toll-free number.

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