Avast Antivirus Not Working Problem

By Admin   Last Update: Thursday, 23 September

Avast antivirus not working

Avast Antivirus is from the family of cross-platform Internet security. It provides complete protection to Computer, Android, Mac and iPhone. It generally has 2 versions which are free and paid. Some people are facing the problem of Avast Antivirus not working. Here are some easy steps to troubleshoot Avast Antivirus issue.

  • If the user finds any issue with Avast, they can go for the repair of Avast Antivirus. To repair avast, the user has to go to the control panel using the repair wizard.
  • Those who face any problem with antivirus can restart antivirus service.
  • A person who faces issue with Avast Antivirus can go for clean installation, by this method people can fix antivirus error issues.

If a user encounters any issue regarding Avast Antivirus not working on Android, one can follow the below steps to get rid of the problem:

  • If a user has trouble with Avast Antivirus, they can clear the Google play store data to resolve the issue.
  • User has to sign in with Play Store and reinstall antivirus subscription after clearing Play Store data.
  • After this, the user has to reinstall the app and then restart the device, and check the anti-virus status.

Any iPhone user facing a similar issue with antivirus, they can go for the below-mentioned steps to solve the problem with Avast antivirus not working on iPhone:

  • First, the user has to uninstall the app from iPhone and then open Apple I and clear all data.
  • After that, the user must sign in with the correct user and reinstall the antivirus subscription.
  • Now in this step reinstall the antivirus app.

After the above procedure, if a user encounters any issue with Avast Antivirus, the user can contact Avast Support for further assistance.

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